Book by Virginia S. Nicols The Marketing Machine for Professional Services

Are you ready — maybe over-ready — for a change in marketing direction?

Unless you are flush with client business and record-breaking profits, you need to read this book. Like your business, it’s all about referrals and qualified leads that turn into clients. You’ll get a new perspective on the business you are really in.

If, however, what you really want is a three inch thick, all-encompassing textbook to look good on your bookshelf, save your money.

The Marketing Machine® for Professional Services cuts to the chase.

Joe and I are a team, with $billions in professional marketing and sales experience. We get to the point in plain and simple language. Our success formula:

  • Perfect Your Process – A haphazard, “winging it” approach to finding clients and addressing their needs makes prospects skeptical. When you follow a consistent, disciplined playbook it inspires confidence in you and your firm.
  • Define Your Desired Client Base – Not all clients are alike and neither are their needs . . . or their profitability to you. It’s absolutely critical that you identify the characteristics of clients you can serve successfully and profitably. The Marketing Machine® for Professional Services helps you focus your marketing on these prospects and only these.
  • Know How Many Clients You Want – How many new prospects can you and your firm handle each week and still deliver top notch services?

Get these three things right and you’ll build a smooth-running and profitable practice. Get any one of them wrong and you’ll face an endless uphill challenge.

But wait — there’s more! Take a look at the whole series from The Marketing Machine®.

Some excerpts from the series. . .

These are books about marketing your professional practice. What can you expect from them?

Before we start, be warned that they are not all-encompassing books on marketing and selling. We struggled with the temptation to create more thorough works, but came to the conclusion that too much detail for too wide an audience would run the risk of misleading some readers.

Besides, the reality today is that thick volumes simply don’t get read by busy people. And our target audience is mostly working professionals who can benefit by narrowing their marketing efforts to fit their skillset.

We trust you fit that definition!

A step-by-step progression.

First, we will explore a number of media that can play a role in promoting your firm and your services. This overview will make you feel a lot more comfortable about marketing options in general. You will notice that we do not dwell on social media, and that’s on purpose. We find that the popularity of various social media fluctuates and how to use the different platforms changes regularly. Our goal is to create a systematic marketing program, so we tend to focus on media that can be controlled.

Second, as you learn more about each of the options, you’ll find it easier to pick just the ones that make sense for you. We’ll simplify things even more by steering you away from some of them!

Third, by the time you’re through, you’ll have a good idea of how to get started on your customized plan.

Your plan has to be customized, because marketing a professional practice just isn’t the same as marketing a company that sells a product or, for that matter, a service. And YOUR practice is a reflection of you as well as of your specialty, which makes it even more distinctive.

Get the book that fits your practice, available at Amazon as eBook or paperback. Looking to get started on a new marketing approach as quickly as possible? Add the workbook!

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